Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tweets for Today

  • 18:58 I am 100% sure it is not just that I'm old and jaded now. Chuck E. Cheese's is objectively lamer than it was in the eighties. #
  • 19:04 How the hell did a store where I just used my credit card get my email address? #
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Was it personalized to any extent beyond your name and e-mail? You may have coincidentally shopped at the store a short while before they spammed you.
Yeah, maybe it was a coincidence. The email was not personalized. In fact it explicitly offers discounts on beauty products for women; if they knew they were doing they would have known that I purchased shaving cream.

My original suspicion is that the bank had some system for selling your email address to stores where you use your card. I still wouldn't put that past them at all, but in this case I guess I just got "lucky".
In 2005, right after I got Netflix, I became horribly irritated with the amount of Netflix pop-ups and banner ads I still had to endure. Why do I still have to put up with this shit? I thought, since I already purchased the service.

At that moment, the idea struck of some kind of service where you would sign up with all the companies you already did business with, so they wouldn't barrage you with needless web advertising for a product you'd already purchased. This could even be implemented in meat-space - you have no idea how many nameless promotional direct mail pieces from Geico I, a Geico customer, have received.

Then I realized that such a service/product/patch wouldn't decrease the amount of web advertising you were exposed to, it would just give further information to the people sending it to you. So I gave it up.

It should be obvious to anyone who's read this far and knows me that I'm a little drunk.
Also, Luke is Luggagemonkeys. But you probably knew that.