Monday, June 16, 2008

ok, one more rock and roll post before the meetings start

Don't let extreme metal purists fool you: some of that goofy 80s hair metal actually did kick serious ass.

For proof, I suggest the early Motley Crue albums.

Really anything before "Home Sweet Home" kicked off the power ballad craze. When every leather-clad bunch of glam metal boys in America trying to outdo each other at the game of imitating Journey and REO Speedwagon for fun and profit. That was the death spiral that nearly killed rock and roll. We're extremely lucky that "alternative" rock was there to pick up the torch because otherwise there would have been no rock on the top 40 and MTV at all between about 1992 and whenever things like the White Stripes started to pop.

But that doesn't mean that "Too Fast For Love" doesn't rock.