Friday, May 09, 2008

A guide to the gourmet shaving experience

This is the most useful single page I've found about traditional double-edge safety razors like the one I just got off of e-bay.


Thank you very kindly. I hope that your shaving experience goes well, and I'll happily answer any questions. Note the links in the post you reference on razor samplers (there are quite a few) and the oil pass (which I find quite effective).
So what made you abandon the disposable world of shaving? I've not yet taken the plunge although I've contemplated it a few times, usually just after selling a kidney to buy a pack of 4 cartridges. Plus I've become more attuned lately to the amount of waste (particularly plastic) we create.
Impluse-driven living at its finest. About a month ago, I happened to stumble on some of these topics via wikipedia, so here I am.