Monday, May 19, 2008

Collectors.Org Flea Market Calendar for Georgia

This looks like a lot of "Flea Markets" in the area. Question is, though, how many of these are actually anything like the flea markets of my youth?


or for that matter, how many even exist anymore.

the second on the list, "Great American Flea Market. 3355 Cobb North Parkway" we used to go to every single Saturday morning, me and the two boys, then we'd go to the nearby Krystal for lunch. It was 35 minutes door-to-door in saturday morning traffic.

The people with permanent booths would not be the "old lady with a 1938 Action Comics #1", but the more temporary people in the parking lot behind the permanent structures definitely could. There is where i got a polycom soundstation for $50. a deal even now, but then a real deal.

they also sold live rabbits, ducks, chickens, sheep, turkeys, etc. the livestock was over on the left outskirts of the market.

Then one day maybe 3 years ago we went there and they were closed.

the google maps of "3355 Cobb North Parkway" clearly shows flea market activity (and in fact, it shows a bright yellow car parked right in the front row where i always tried to park) but unless something happened to reopen it is an old picture.

My first real flea market was at the I-85 drive in on the east side of 85 -- i started going to it in the 1980's and it closed sometime in the 1990's to make a 24 screen movie theater. the only mention i could see of it is here