Wednesday, April 23, 2008

written at LAX, 7:51 AM, without wifi; blogged later

I feel like a lush drinking beer at this hour; but (a) it's lunch time according to my biological clock, and (b) I want to make sure I sleep on the plane.

On that note, is there any reason why you wouldn't be able to buy beer with an expired driver's license? Or for that matter, use it for any other random identification purpose? It's your ability to drive that the state requires you to renew every few years, not your identity. Right? Has this changed? Why the hell would the person who sold me the beer need help finding the expiration date on a Georgia license? What use could they possibly have for that information? I'm still the same person, and still over 21, even if I fail to renew my license. I wonder if they'd have let me past the security gate if it was expired.

I guess if I'd bothered to set up twitter on my phone, I could be twittering this instead.

obLosAngeles: Next time I'm here, I swear I'm finally gonna make the time to approach the place as a roadgeek.