Friday, March 28, 2008

security theater, indeed

This very week, while flying Delta (they of Deltalina, etc) I watched a flight attendant go all fangirl giggly googly over the gentlemen in the seat directly in front of mine.

I can only guess he must have been sort of famous, but not famous enough for me to recognize (and also not famous enough to sit in first class).

But, sufficiently famous for this airline employee to whip out her cell phone during the flight - during the approach into ATL when if there was any chance of the phone messing with the plane's electronics it would have done its worst - and handing it to this guy so that he could save his phone number in it for her. And then take his picture.

How seriously can the public be expected to take the airlines rules, when even the employees don't seem to give a shit?

I wonder if he gave her his real number.

Also on this flight: the pilot had to do a wing-over to avoid another plane, and the young Italian woman sitting next to me barfed in her barf bag.


Uh, all the phones I've had lately will allow adding phone numbers and taking pictures with the radio off to facilitate exactly what you're describing.

Yeah, that's probably what it was. But still, in a role of pseudo-authority you'd think she would have been concerned about how it would look. Like how (some) tea-totalers won't drink soda in silvery cans or brown bottles, because they don't want people to even think it might be beer.