Wednesday, January 16, 2008

random monster-related thoughts

As you may know, Monster Cable will sue anyone who uses the word "Monster" for anything. They've sued, for instance.

I wonder if they've gotten to the Monster Mountain MX park in Alabama yet. Every time I drive to Montgomery, I see this sign on I-85 a short distance outside of town:


Sounds ominous, doesn't it? Part of me is always tempted to point out that sign to the kids and tell them that if they don't shut up back there, I'm going to drive up to the top of that mountain and let the monsters get them.

The 6-year-old though has already seen enough episodes of Scooby Doo to know that monsters always turn out to be crooked old men in rubber costumes. (Or robots. There was that one where it was a robot. And before anybody gets started about the movies and versions of the show that have real ghosts and monsters, yes I am aware of those but I maintain those are non-canon.)

The 3-year-old, however, just might believe it.