Tuesday, November 06, 2007

vintage guitar picks?

(note: this exact identical question was also posted to the songfight forums)

A music store near me happens to have a number of picks in their pick case that are very similar to the ones in this picture:

Martin-Vintage Heavy Gauge Blue Guitar Pick Picks

The only difference is that these are not blue, they are brown and translucent. And they are a *lot* cheaper than these ones being sold on e-bay.

I bought one and I really liked the way it felt, and the way it sounded. Although I did manage to break it sooner than any other picks I've ever used. I would be genuinely saddened if it turned out that these were some kind of vintage item that is no longer made so that when the store sells out of them, I will only be able to get them at jacked-up prices on e-bay.

Should I go out right now and buy up all of the ones at the store? Or are these actually a common commodity that I don't need to worry about running out of?