Monday, September 24, 2007

Scott, if you're reading this I have a question..

Is the future of WREK currently secure?

Because I'd like to re-endorse this venerable institution.

The standard rotation is, if anything, way too random and eclectic for my fragile middle class mind. It's good to know there's a station out there playing this stuff, but the real gold is in them thar specialty shows. (Which you can listen to here for the whole week after their broadcasts).

This week, I am particularly indebted to Stonehenge for alerting me to the existence of the band Buffalo. It is hard to locate mp3s of this band through the, ahem, usual channels. And while I may in fact eventually buy the CD, in the meantime I've resorted to extracting a copy of the song "Sunrise (Come My Way)" from WREK's audio stream. (Yes, you can losslessly cut sections out of the middle of 30-minute mp3)

Which is of course, exactly the sort of thing that should make "the man" afraid to make radio station shows available on line like this.