Friday, July 06, 2007

Teletraan-1: The Transformers Wiki

As neato as this may be, it makes me wonder. Why do we need all these wikis for things like Transformers and Star Trek, when Wikipedia could easily hold all this stuff (indeed, all human knowledge EVAR) if it wasn't for the people trying to make the place serious and "encyclopedic".


It gets worse. The link you've posted is an incorrect one - the Transformers wiki moved to earlier this year and Wikia has been leaving the old, abandoned copy open in direct competition with the independent version. The details are on and, sadly, this is par for the course for Wikia.

Even Wikipedia, with its penchant for collecting articles about every non-notable elementary school, every local radio/TV station, every shopping mall and a few other equally pointless huge categories doesn't quite descend to this level. The serves no purpose but to misdirect traffic away from, but it carries ads and Wikia is dangerously addicted to the revenue ads provide.