Friday, July 20, 2007

every now and then computers actually do what I want

I have removed the "search" form that was traditionally part of my blog template. This is because I finally, after a couple of years of it being there, tried the search form built into the header by Blogger, and found it to so good that any other means of searching the blog is just redundant. I don't know if it's always worked this well, or not, because I always just mentally tuned it out, the way one learns not to look at banner ads.

In case you've never tried it, do so now. Search for anything I've written about since 2003 and it returns not just typical search-engine style listings... but the entire post! Instantly!

Also, urls like this work:

EDIT: there seems to be some sort of arbitrary limit on the number of posts returned. Either that or it just doesn't search as hard as plain old Google, which is weird, since it's made by Google. I may have to add the other thing back.