Monday, June 18, 2007

everything you've heard is true

After some 20 years of rock fandom, I've finally made at least a minimal effort to find and listen to some Roxy Music songs. They are, as reputed, a big influence on "New Wave". Way, way, influential on the 1980's MTV generation of bands. Up there with Bowie. Probably have more direct, musical influence on bands like the Cars and Duran Duran than Bowie did.

I've been a (moderate and very lazy) Cars fan since I was a child and know I finally understand that the Cars are, to a certain extent, a Roxy Music copycat act. If you still harbor any illusion that there was an original idea on display in the Cars' music, a listen to Roxy's first single "Virginia Plain" will remove it. Oh well I still dig em.