Friday, June 01, 2007

cleaning out the flvxx pipe

Flvxxvm Florvm songs recorded in the past couple of years and not (that I can recall) blogged here before. This does not include song fight entries, I listed all those already.

We're Gonna Boooooooogay (in which the phrase "flvxxvm florvm" is used as a synonym for semen)

Lookin' for Chicks (very different from the version on "Flvxxvm Florvm is an 8-bit Whore")

We Can Control The Air (But the Controls Are On The Other Side) tribute to Mike Ray, the Sleeping Philosopher

Are the Fish High Yet ("live" version)

So Beautiful I Cried (different from the one on "Flvxxvm Florvm is the Devil". same lyrics, different chords)

You're So High Now acoustic version

Coulda, Shoulda, Didn'ta same song as on "Butt Ass Blues" but with Scott Long on Hammond organ. I'm pretty sure I posted this back in 2005 when it was made, but it doesn't hurt to post it again.