Tuesday, May 08, 2007

yes yes yes yes

Back in the late 80's and early 90's, I listened to the long-gone 92 ZEW in Mobile, AL. This station was my only connection with any form of music more "alternative" than "classic rock" and hair metal. I am slightly less of a redneck because of this station, which as early as the mid 90's had already switched to classic rock format. It was the station that I want Dave FM to be, and it just ain't.

There was one song, that I heard exactly twice. Both times while half asleep, in 1994, resting after evenings spent delivering greasy pizzas to sweaty people in sweaty, greasy trailer parks. I never found out the artist or the song, but it stuck in my head. It's been torturing me for nearly 13 years. If my obsession with this song was a person, he'd be old enough to... well I'm rambling.

Over the years of trying to figure out what song this was, I figured out it was probably the best song ever. And now I know that I was right, because I've fucking found it!. If I get hit by a truck tomorrow, my life will be considered a success on account of finally tracking down this song.

"Ways to be Wicked" by Lone Justice

I will not attempt to review this song at the moment. I am still recovering from the shock of finally hearing it while fully awake.


My 92 ZEW similar experience was with Robbie Robertson's "Somewhere Down the Crazy River." I heard it in highschool once or twice whilst almost asleep, and never heard it again for ten years or more.

I was in Mobile last weekend, and they seem to almost have made it back to where 92 WZEW was in the day...