Sunday, May 13, 2007

actually, the home of tomorrow will be built around the television set..

Exposing my two-year old to Tex Avery cartoons.

I've had a hard time getting this one to like as much as the 5-year old does. I think I may have just found "our thing".

God I hope mama don't read this blog.

EDIT: she just witnessed a man being shot in the head with a revolver by a mechanical arm that popped out of 1950's TV. There's no turning back now.

EDIT AGAIN: the Flintstones don't see anything wrong about Pebbles watching "the fights" with Fred. Which in case you've ever seen the Flintstones in your damn life, is like boxing except with big caveman clubs instead. And nobody thinks it's weird for Pebbles to be rooting right along with Fred.

FINAL EDIT (I promise): Mama lets her watch Desperate Housewives. Tit for tat.