Thursday, February 01, 2007

dreams last night

I was (apparently) in Las Vegas.

Went (with co-workers) to a casino whose facade appeared to be a trailer in a trailer park. Really you just entered through the trailer, the the bulk of the casino was in a massive building of yellow corrugated steel behind the trailer. Some features of the Bombay Grill may have been present.

Was late for some sort of business meeting. Decided to get there by walking through a high school. I knew I had to get through the school without being stopped by their security guards. I entered through door in the back of the building and went up a set of stairs. Briefly down a hallway, and then down another set of stairs. This set of stairs, obviously long neglected, actually came down into a classroom where the steps were being used as shelves for books and other supplies. Class was in session, and the teacher said "Hey, you're not in my class!" He let me take a pen and notepad, and sent me on my way. Outside the door to the classroom, a high school student in a completely unmarked olive drab military uniform tried to stop me, but I just kept walking and he didn't do anything.

Details of the actual meeting are vague. I know it involved a meeting with some sort of Big Boss guy. One of my co-workers made an off-hand remark about a half-remembered favorite TV show from childhood. Later we found out that after hearing this, the Big Boss's assistant went and researched it and found all the details about it for my co-worker.

Rather than praise from the boss, this was met with derision at the assistant's servility and brown-nosing. Everyone laughed at this woman behind her back. The Boss told all of us that we too would soon learn to have this kind of power over people.

Back at the hotel, I watched two male guests attempt to jump from the balconies of their hotel rooms into the pool. One made it into the pool, the other ended up dangling from his balcony by his leg and had to be rescued.

That's all I can remember.