Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Blog, I've been ignoring you lately. I'm going to make a conscious effort to blog as many random thoughts as I can manage, in order to not lose them. In that spirit:

One of these days, I'm going to track down a recipe for real old-fashioned "mush", the favorite hot breakfast cereal of old movie characters like the Little Rascals, and serve it to my kids for breakfast. Not today, though. Already made oatmeal.

For various reasons, this oatmeal is the first real meal I've eat since lunch yesterday, which consisted of pork-n-beans. (My wife recently announced that she found something special for me at Big Lots. Turns out it was little pony cans of pork-n-beans. While genuinely delighted to receive canned beans as a gift, their small size means that I ate two yesterday.) I didn't feel particularly starved in the meantime, but now that I've had a taste of the oatmeal my hunger has been awakened.

Why did I let the kids eat all the Canadian bacon? I know its not "real" bacon, but still.

Been reading Achewood lately. Almost but not quite appropriate for a day of turkey cooking:

Like I said, almost.

A turkey breast has been soaking in brine overnight. If it turns out well, I'll tell y'all what was in the brine.

(Firefox's spell checking corrects "ya'll" to "y'all".)

I'm gonna barbecue the thing. No, not with barbecue sauce. I mean I'm gonna slow cook it on the grill with indirect heat and smoke from smoldering smoky wood chips. I have enough Sam Adams in the basement fridge to make this a regular barbecue day. Not only will it free up the kitchen for my wife's use, it'll also keep my older daughter busy watching the grill thermometer. Slow and low.

Windows wants to reboot. Patch Thursday?