Thursday, October 12, 2006

i am a lucky man

Yesterday, I left a laptop bag, containing a laptop, sitting on the trunk of my car, in plain view of the street, unattended, for about an hour, and no one stole it.

This morning, I discover my house and car keys in the lock of the front door of my house. Outside, also in plain view of the street. They'd been there all night. And no one used them to either break into my house, or steal my car.


A couple years ago after a very, very drunken evening at our friends Carl and Joy's place (Joy Brown, a Malleteer, in fact), we elected to take a cab home, but only after getting some things out of my Porsche, which we left parked in front of Joy & Carl's home.

The next day, we went to go pick up my car, but couldn't find the key.

Oops. Turns out my drunk ass dropped it 3 feet from the rear bumper, where it lay on Heights Blvd from 3am until 4pm the next day. They were still there, as was the 911.

Again: oops.