Tuesday, August 22, 2006

rock and roll gives me more reasons to hate the world

How can a song like "Crazy Bitch" by Buck Cherry be a "hit"? It's everything I wanted in a song when I was 14, and the world refused to give to me back then. It wouldn't have been allowed anywhere near the radio back then. Kids these days have all the fun.

Watch this video

(The irony of course, is that the people responsible for this song are in fact my age, some of them at least. That kid in the video of course is young enough to be one of the band's bastard children. Is it even legal for high school kids to have access to music with the word "fuck" in it?)


Dude, you're way too old to know who Buckcherry is. Chill. Even I only know because I spent a year writing a music marketing system with Dormn back in 2003.