Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beanz Warz, part 1

On a recent outing (the main purpose of which was drinking) in downtown Norcross, I happened to mosey into Taste of Britain, where I purchased a can of genuine "Heinz Beanz".

A very English co-worker told me that the rough equivalent in the American market is "Heinz Vegetarian Beans".

Well, I've compared the two by eating them, for both breakfast and lunch, on subsequent days.

The British version has slightly larger beans (like, maybe only larger by a matter of millimeters, but you still notice), and the beans are notably paler. The sauces are not identical either. The American version has a browner, stickier sauce. The British beans, the sauce is thinner, runnier, and redder.

It's much harder to tell them apart in taste. I'm not sure I could do it, if I was blindfolded. I want to say that the American version is sweeter, more like syrup, and the British version tastes more like ketchup.. but this could just be my imagination running away after the visual impressions made by the sauces.