Wednesday, March 08, 2006

spring "gardening"

Or rather, lack thereof. No need! The soil of yard is full of hidden bulbs, which were just waiting to pop out at the first sign of the approach of spring, some starting as far back as late January.

Crocuseses hidden among the rocks and trees. A big patch of daffodils, which seem to be all over the neighborhood.

Last fall, on EXACTLY 9/11, several long, thin, lone stalks poked up and bore red lilly-ish flowers. This spring, some thicker foliage appeared in the same spots. Same plant? Maybe.

A couple of things that haven't bloomed yet.

And the hostas are still dormant. Not to mention the impatiens seeds that are surely lying in wait to blossom this summer.

It's like living at my grandmother's old house.


- GAY -