Friday, November 25, 2005

no pictures

I have just toured post-Katrina Bayou La Batre for the first time, and in spite of having a digital camera with me, I did not take even one picture.

First, it would be anti-climactic compared to pictures you've probably seen from elsewhere and from sooner after the storm.

Second, because unless you had a "before" picture for comparison, the "after" picture wouldn't make any sense. There were houses along the waterfront that are now just concrete slabs, but unless you knew about the houses, some of which survived the 1906 and 1916 storms that ended Bayou La Batre's reign as a seaside resort, a concrete slab just isn't impressive to look at.

And third, the most widespread visible change is not demolished houses, it is people living in motor homes, trailers, and tents (yes, tents) outside of otherwise normal looking houses. The real damage is all inside, where you can't see it. I just couldn't bring myself to take pictures of the trailers and tents.