Thursday, October 06, 2005

yet more

July 15, 2003
Ok, I'm about to finally jump on the bandwagon and try Firebird.

I first tried Mozilla somewhere around Milestone 13. At first I found that the Windows version was noticeably slower than MSIE, at least on the 500mhz, 128mb of RAM that I had at the time. And I don't just mean startup time, I mean everything was slow (you could actually speed it up appreciably by using the classic theme instead of modern). It actually didn't take many more milestones after that to close this gap, though.

I've been using Mozilla regularly since approximately 0.8. For a while I actually used it on a 133mhz machine running Red Hat 6.2. That was just asking for trouble, and I got some of it in the form of long startup times and occasional crashes, but it did HTML and CSS so much better than Netscape 4 that it was worth it.

Around 1.1 time was when I finally decided to forget how to use MSIE and just use Mozilla for all my browsing except for the few intranet applications that use ActiveX controls and stuff like that.

I guess my point is, except for those early experiences I've never found myself saying "this thing is bloated! I want a smaller browser!". So I just never got the point of the Phoenix/Firebird project. But if that's the way that the Mozilla winds are blowin', I guess I'll have to go along.

Firebird just finished downloading; I guess I'll go install it.