Sunday, September 25, 2005

Slashdot | Why Vista Had To Be Rebuilt From Scratch

Yes, I'm blogging a Slashdot story. Still in the process of reading TFA, but this one line right here is what makes me think this article is a keeper:
In 2001 Microsoft made a documentary film celebrating the creation of Windows XP, which remains the latest full update of Windows. When Mr. Allchin previewed the film, it confirmed some of his misgivings about the Windows culture. He saw the eleventh-hour heroics needed to finish the product and get it to customers. Mr. Allchin ordered the film to be burned.

Interesting that according to this WSJ article, Microsoft's problem has been too much "cowboy coding" and not enough disciple, whereas the natural tendency of the open source culture is to accuse of closed-source companies as having too much process and not enough freedom.