Friday, September 09, 2005

100 dishes to eat in Alabama before you die

This is old, and I think it's been discussed on certain email lists I'm on a few months back. However, somebody mentioned it to me yesterday so here it is again.

I've had 5 of the 100 dishes (not telling you which ones), although I've eaten at more of the restaurants than that.


If they just wanted to celebrate an Alabama-born fast food hamburger chain, they could've picked Checkers, which rocks. Checkers was based in Mobile until they merged with Rally's.

But I still don't see what business any burger drive in has on this list at all.

They really should have limited it to regional specialties. Who cares where the best Sushi in Alabama is? That's like being the world's smartest dumbass.
Throwed Rolls, baby.
What's funny is that even though I lived in Mobile for 18 years, I only heard about half of the Mobile places on the list and have eaten at none of them. Also, I think the Tiny Diny went out of business a while back.