Tuesday, August 30, 2005

no hurricane news here

Apparently my childhood house in Bayou La Batre is still standing, and flood waters did not reach it.

My family actually fled to Philadelphia, Mississippi of all places. I happened to be on the phone with my father last night when the actual eye passed over them. I have not heard from them today.

Don't know when they'll be able to go home. The website of one of their local TV stations reports:


That's the main street of Bayou La Batre, and I don't think there are any alternatives routes for it.

My dad works in Pascagoula. I'm not at all sure Pascagoula still exists.


Here's what I know about Bayou La Batre:

* Flooding was intense, presumably as a result of a 15-25' tidal surge. Large metal shrimp boats are now aground beside the First Baptist Church, I guess left there by the storm.

* Yesterday, after the worst of the storm had passed, they actually were launching skiffs from Greer's to pick up people trapped by flooding.

* My parents house, which has flooded once in 29 years, flooded again in a big way -- up to 2' of water inside.

* My parents were able to get into town by taking Bellingrath:


- Brandon
I have not been able to get in touch with my folks today. They have apparently been out range of any (working) cell phone network.
If you go to www.foxnews.com, click on "Free Video" on the right-hand side, then scroll down for the video entitled "Knee Deep," I think you'll see something familiar.
Also, from my mom:

The Bayou la Batre Police Department has no power. They haven't found any fatalities yet.

The house my dad grew up in , on Warner St. was completely submerged. It had 6 ft. of water during Fredrick.

The house I grew up in, on Railroad St. had at least 8 ft. of water in it. It had only 3 ft. during Fredrick.

My cousin's house on Coden beach is gone. Only a few pylons were left sticking out of the ground.

Shannon Sutton says his folks are fine.

I haven't been able to get in touch with Nathan as yet.
The last time I tried to call my parents, I actually got a message that said "your call cannot be completed because of the Hurricane".

My dad just called me, however. They seem to have made it there in one piece. The condition of Bayou La Batre was described as "worse than Frederick".
Glad to know your folks are ok.

also: How much grief does Michael get for having the same name as the bass player for the Bangles or is that a handle?

- scott