Monday, August 01, 2005

ŦĦ£ ώëñð¥ Ħõů$€

The most interesting thing about this blog is the title. It appears to be a modern Unicode-enabled version of the old DOS BBS practice I described here.

I don't know if this blogger has BBS connections, or if this kind of mis-use of international characters is just an obvious enough idea that people tend to invent it independently.


This was just me (Wendy House) trying to be creative with symbols I found in the character-sets provided by word. I picked symbols that showed-up in my MSN messenger name. i copied the 'style' of doing this from my 12 year old niece who changes her name to creative symbol collections that are 'almost' readible... ...its like a game...
I seem to recall that there used to be a DOS application that took a text file as input and did this sort of thing to all the letters in it. I wish I could remember its name.