Tuesday, August 30, 2005

done, for now

It doesn't look like I will be able to fool around with the Nintendo music for a while. My parents gave me a banjo for my birthday, and I want to spend time learning how to play it.

Because of this, I am declaring Flvxxvm Florvm is an 8-bit Whore to be a complete "album". There may be a sequel in the future. Right now there is only a little housekeeping to be done.

Towards that end ofI have re-named the MP3 files so that a normal directory listing puts them into the order in which they should be listened. This just happens to be the order in which I came up with them, punctuated by repeated occurrances of the Zelda death theme.

So you can now find the official, complete set of songs here:


Also provided for you convenience, this playlist streams all the songs directly off the server to your player with no delay to download the songs themselves. Although if you've been reading all along you probably already did that.