Tuesday, August 09, 2005

a brief interruption

This is not a Flvxxvm Florvm song at all, it is a mere 15 or seconds of music taken directly from (emulated) Legend of Zelda, modified only by having it fade out smoothly and delaying the right channel ever so slightly to make it sound more 'stereo'.

In the game, this is the music that you hear after you die, before you choose from one of your saved games or start over again. It provides a momentary pause in the action, time to go the bathroom or get a drink or hand the controller over to someone else. And that is also it's purpose here.


When this "album" is finished, the final track order will insert this same 15 seconds of music between every couple of songs.

Why more than one song from the same game? Because Zelda is the best music of the 8-bit era. It stands up alongside "real" music, both popular and classical. That's my freaking opinion, and my opinion is the only one that counts here. You will hear more from Zelda before I'm done.


serving a similar purpose as the intro to "Feel A Whole Lot Better" on "Full Moon Fever" ? (scott)
I don't have that album, but if you're going to bring Tom Petty into it, there's always that intro to "Even the Losers" on Damn the Torpedos. Just the normal noises in here, indeed.
you mean http://www.scott-long.com/images/losers.mp3 ?

true, but full-moon-fever-side-one-trailer.mp3 which i was talking about, is a little more overt..
True, that is about as overt as you can get. I would have just gone with that series of tones that they used to put at the end of each side of (some) cassettes, that (some) tape players would use to know it was time to reverse directions.

But as for "Even the Losers", on my copy of the CD, it is preceded by several seconds of muffled-sounding drums and other indistinct sounds, and a female voice explaining "It's just the normal noises in here".