Saturday, July 23, 2005

My Adrienne: a Legend of Zelda Murder Ballad

Like "Oh Jessica", this song has the name with a girl I knew in high school, but is most emphatically not *about* her.

The game music is subject to more manipulation than on previous songs. The two parts, "treble" and "bass" of the original mono track were separated by a complicated series of actions involving Audacity's "noise removal" plug-in. They were panned left and right, and their differences were exagerrated. The treble part was pitch-shifted up an octave. The bass (which carried the melody) was shifted down an octave, and then filtered until it was almost just a sine wave, then amplified and clipped to turn it into something more like a square wave.

I originally intended to have the guitar double the melody, but it was too hard to play. So then I tried to have the guitar double the high part, but that was hard too. So I gave up and overdubbed two acoustic guitars each playing different notes from the main chords. These guitars parts are on a loop so I wouldn't have to play them more than once. A third guitar comes in later, played straight through and not looped.

For whatever reason, I decided to let it start with just guitar and adds the game music after the first verse. This is a departure from all the other songs so far.

My Adrienne,
show me your face;
so out of place.

My Adrienne,
come to my room;
I'll seal your doom.

My Adrienne,
take off your clothes;
put on my robe.

My Adrienne,
drink from this cup;
it will wake you up.

My Adrienne,
why do you scream?
I'll set you free.

My Adrienne,
oh how you cry.
It's time to die.