Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Down in the C64 Dungeon

Longtime Flvxxvm Florvm Fanclvb members will recognize this one. This is an attempt to return the FF classic "Down in the Dungeon" to something like the way originally written.


There are two versions (here and here) , but the older of these was still recorded several years after the idea for the song germinated.

As you should know if you read my wonderful liner notes, the lyrics were originally going to be set to some of the music from the "Popeye" cartridge for the Commodore 64 (I'm pretty sure it was a cartridge, not a disk. I didn't even have the game, I remember I was playing it at someone else's house when I thought up the song).

So anyway, here it is, the actual (well, emulated) game music with those now well-worn lyrics and some poorly thought out guitar slapped on because, well, I'm a compulsive guitarist the way some people are compulsive liars. And fake handclaps provided by a drum that I borrowed from a friend in 1996 and have yet to return. (Why couldn't I have kept that Big Muff I also borrwed back then instead?)

This is a bit of a step down from the last two songs, I know. It has neither the mainstream appeal of "Kissed Your Ruby Lips" nor the rawk-n-roll excess of "Oh Jessica". It sounds almost like a children's song, or it might if you have very strange children.


this is _not_ a step down. if the 8-bit songs are considered a series, this is a breakthrough, possibly aided by the fact that this version of dungeon is a reprise. i whistle ruby lips by accident on occasion, i can't remember jessica (other than allman brothers), and i will play dungeon to my (our) coworkers in calabasas the first chance i get. (scott)
Just remember that when you are whistling those tunes it is the music written by people 20 years ago, not by me. This is a tribute after all. Unless you try to whistle my solos.