Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Document Security in Web Applications (PDF)

Interesting stuff about how to send documents (Word, PDF) etc. over HTTP in such a way that "both" browsers will handle them securely.


somehow some underscores got clipped off in that URL, or they changed the URL on their side -- looks like it should be http://www.paladion.net/papers/Document_Security_in_Web_Applications.pdf
- scott
from that doc, a solution to having to disable the cache-disabler in order to do "exports" from an HTTPS application?

"Cache control in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer does not cache the rendered
document on a HTTP connection with either of the
no-cache or no-store directives set. On a HTTPS
connection with the no-cache directive set, IE
instead of rendering the document tries to
download the main page. This can be seen in the
figure shown below. Selecting either Open or Save
gives an error as shown in the figure below. This
error is documented in the Microsoft Knowledge
Base as article ID 316431. The no-store directive
on a HTTPS connection overcomes this issue and
also does not store the document in the cache of
the browser."
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