Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Annie's Alibi

Not only is this song not about anyone I know named Annie, that name wasn't even what this song was supposed to be called. I wrote these lyrics while filling up my car at a gas station near my house, using the name of a flower shop that I saw across the parking lot. Unfortunately, I can't use that name for reasons that I can't even discuss on this blog. So Annie it is.

The lyrics are basic blues or country material, and I tried to blues it up as much as possible on the lead guitar. The game music is the "Crashman" level of Mega Man 2. It is slowed down quite a bit, to fit the speed at which I wanted to sing the lyrics. The choice to set these particular lyrics to this particular music was totally arbitrary, based purely on the fact that I wanted to use "Crashman" for something..

Annie don't you worry.
Annie don't you cry.
You know that I will always
be you your alibi.

I'll tell the judge and the jury
that you were layin' in my arms.
I'll them 'em that you were with me
the night your old man come to harm.

Annie what's the matter?
Did I offend your pride?
Can't you say that you love me
just to save your hide?

Annie I don't believe it.
Annie how can this be?
You're gonna point your little finger
and make a scapegoat out of me.

The judge done banged his gavel,
and soon I'm gonna fry.
But you know that I still love you.
And I'll still be your alibi.

I'll tell old Saint Peter
that you were layin' in my arms.
I'll tell 'im that you were with me
when your old man come to harm.


I'm caring more about the flower shop's real name, and why you can't say it, than the song.
Anonymous: identify yourself and I might tell you more. However, it's probably not as interesting as you think it is.
My name is possibly "Nathan".