Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Name That Game!

Listen to these samples of classic 8-bit video game music, and name the game, system (NES, Gameboy, etc.), and if you're really geeky, what part of the game the music was from.

You can't just guess "Mario!", you have to say exactly which Mario-related game it was. (SMB 1, 2, 3, etc..).

- There are 7 NES, 2 Gameboy, and one C64 game here.
- Every sample is from a different game, but there are two different pairs from games that are related.
- There are exactly two "Mario" games represented, which takes care of one such pair.

Note that I don't remember all the correct answers myself, so for some of these I won't be able to say if you're right or wrong.

Lee Whatley is disqualified from competition.



Alright, Lee, send me your answers in email. I just assume that with your musical background you'll automatically wreck the curve for everyone else.
sorry for lame answers: i didn't have these systems though i did have a nes shared with roommates for awhile. only thing i can say is 09 is clearly some mario game (yes i know that breaks the rules to just say mario) and 10 is reminiscent (but not the same as) when you go thru the "energy" thing in Vanguard (MAME, 1981)
- scott