Tuesday, May 10, 2005

For those who can't or won't install Winamp or other OGG-supporting software just to listen to Flvxxvm Florvm, I have broke down and converted my recent musical shenanigans to MP3:


These MP3s are transcoded from the OGG Vorbis files, not the original Audacity project, so they are theoretically worse-sounding.

Rest assured, though, that the cassette-like white noise in the background is present in the originals, and I have refrained from trying to remove it because I don't trust digital NR.


Excellent. I particularly enjoyed the solo on "Coulda Shoulda", and "Natural State". I will confess to not being able to get all the way through "I Don't Care."

And just how Zappa-inspired is "Stankhaus?"
"Stankhaus" was written when I was 15 years old. There was originally a third verse about the general stinkiness of Bayou La Batre.

The one you just heard is the abridged and "unplugged" version.

However, all tapes of the 1991 version have been lost so the unplugged is all you're going to get.
I could try plugging some of these into GarageBand and cleaning them up, if you like.

I plugged Sunset Ltd. in, and enjoyed listening to it with different amps/effects enabled...

I'm also making people at work listen.
By all means, improve them in any way you can think of and send the links back here. (See the comment that contributed Hammond organ)