Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Attention Flvxxvm Florvm Fanclvb

For all two or three people who have been waiting 7 long years for another Flvxxvm Florvm "album", your wish has finally come true. The urge to create cheap homemade music has become too strong, and I here present you with 9 songs in about 15 minutes, mostly consisting of acoustic guitar.

No drums, no keyboards, just acoustic guitar (sometimes digitally processed to the point where it no longer sounds like acoustic guitar though) and my crappy voice. In other words, naked music. Butt nekkid music, even.

Hence the title: Butt-Ass Blues. Not all of it is even remotely blues-like, but just enough to justify the title and alliteration rocks.

The lyrics are no better than before, and quite possibly somewhat worse. Probably not safe for work without headphones. Ten or 15 years ago, people would tell me I was better than this, that spending my time writing songs like this was a waste of some kind of innate talent. Now I've long since learned that writing this kind of stuff is my talent.

Ps, there's a few diggity danks hidden in there somewhere.