Friday, March 25, 2005

Update on "Historic Stone Mountain Signs"

I saw one of these signs squarely within the city of Atlanta, in Fulton County. So obviously my earlier observations about them being solely the work of DeKalb County are incorrect.

This one is Lindbergh at Piedmont (near where the Gold Club used to be), and seems to suggest taking Lindbergh east as your route to Stone Mountain. This would take you over to Cheshire Bridge near Varsity Junior and the Tara Theatre, where Lindberg turns into LaVista. LaVista would, eventually, take you to Tucker.. which is where I saw the other sign. But there is no sign that tells you to turn onto Lynburn off of LaVista, so unless for some reason you just randomly decided to take a little side street that almost looks like a driveway, you'd never see the next sign and thus never find your way to Stone Mountain. LaVista ends at Lawrenceville Highway, which if you continued on might just afford you some sort of a brief glimpse of the mountain off to your right, possibly when you pass Mountain Industrial Blvd, but then again maybe not. Eventually you'd end up in Lilburn with no idea where you went wrong.

And there's still the matter of the sign at North Decatur Road and Scott Blvd, and how it fits in with the others.

If the state of Georgia is responsible for this, the placement of the signs is even stranger. Lindbergh/LaVista is a state highway (236). Lawrenceville Highway is US-29, and therefore also maintained by the date DOT. Scott Blvd for its part is both US-29 and US-78 and possibly several other state and US numbers besides. But Lynburn and North Decatur road are just local streets, and the signs on them actually direct you away from the nearest state or US highway!

Isn't Google Maps great?