Friday, March 04, 2005

acid burn

I woke up this morning with a horrifying thought: there may now, in 2005, be a whole generation who hold the 1995 movie "Hackers" in the same sort of half ridicule, half reverence that geeks in 1995 had for the 1983 movie "War Games". A trip to the IMDB message boards confirms that Hackers may not be there yet, but it is definately on its way.

I haven't seen the the movie again since the first time it came on cable, when Taylor Williams tried to justify it as a "cyberpunk" movie, while I was just pissed that it wasn't actually a movie about hackers in the Jargon-File sense of the word which is what I was hoping for. Instead you get a movie where Angelina Jolie (in her first role in any movie that anybody ever saw) hooks up with a guy whose character was probably at least partly based on Kevin Mitnick. That pretty much says it all.


We're gonna hack the Gibson!