Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My job (and my life) just really, really, changed

From: ------- ------
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 22:13
To: DEPT_Eng.CCM_Dev.All; DEPT_Professional.Services_Midtown
Subject: New Manager of Web Application Security

With ----'s imminent departure, I've been hounded by requests to know the game plan for replacing him. While we all know that ---- is indeed one of a kind and truly irreplaceable, I'm pleased to announce that Jeff Robertson has agreed to takeover ----'s duties as Manager of Web Application Security. Please join me in congratulating Jeff on this promotion. Note that it will be a month or more before Jeff can fully transition from his Tech Lead responsibility on Recurring Payments to the new role. In the mean time, work with --- -------- to schedule coverage from the security group for code reviews, design reviews and application assessments, but remember security reviews remain a mandatory part of projects, even if they may be a bit challenging to schedule for a while.

------- ------
VP of Engineering
Digital Insight
(Yes, I appreciate the irony in being Manager of Web Application Security while re-posting internal corporate emails on my blog. I took the names out, didn't I?)