Thursday, February 24, 2005

Historic Stone Mountain - Open All Year

A Picture Share!, originally uploaded by jeff_robertson.

There are signs like this in various parts of DeKalb County, which seem to be almost deliberately placed where tourists are the least likely to ever see them.

This particular one is at Linburn and Main Street in downtown Tucker, and can only be seen from Linburn, which is the lighter travelled of the two streets, and while travelling in the most unlikely direction possible. It points down Main Street, vaguely in the compass direction of Stone Mountain but with no indication of how to actually get there.

There is a similar sign at the somewhat more visible location of Scott Boulevard and North Decatur Road. The odd thing about that one is that it seems to suggest North Decatur Road is the way to get to Stone Mountain. This is odd because Scott Boulevard is at that point only a couple of intersections from becoming the Stone Mountain Freeway, and here is this sign suggesting that tourists take the backstreets instead.

Such a route would involve going through Scottdale and then either Clarkston or the Memorial Drive corridor, none of which are areas I would think the DeKalb tourism office would want to show off. (Then again, why the heck would tourists be in Tucker?) My only guess is that the sign predates the freeway's construction.

Maybe that part of Linburn street in Tucker used to be much more travelled than it is now, too.

Almost all the signs in DeKalb, even ones that are obviously new, look like they were designed a long time ago.


There is also a sign on Lindberg drive at Piedmont heading eastbound.