Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Paper Mate "Flair" pens

My employer seems to order a different models of pen every time I check the supply room. Every now and then they order something that is retro-k00l (at least to me). A few months ago it was the Pilot Razor Point. Now they no longer have those, but they have the Paper Mate Flair.

These are very similar, although possibly not identical, to the pens my father used to buy when he had his own business circa 1980. I have many memories of using them (especially the red ones) to draw pictures of things that were popular with kids at the time.

For this reason, I immediately started calling them "Dukes of Hazzard pens" (at least in my own mind) before I even found that their proper name was "Flair". I keep a red one in my pocket and during meetings I have to fight the temptation to doodle a little confederate flag on any handy scrap of paper.