Friday, October 29, 2004

AdSense is too damn smart!

Google AdSense placed this ad on this blog:
Broccoli - Made Fresh
Processed in one 1 business day. You pick capsule type & bottle size.
I had not mentioned "broccoli" anywhere. At first I thought that AdSense must have picked up "Brassica oleracea" and actually figured out that it was the botanical name for (among other things) broccoli. Wow!

Then I figured out that the page being advertized actually contains the phrase "Brassica oleracea". So Google isn't as smart as I thought.

It reminds of a party at that house that John Ellis and Will Richardson and JV rented off of 10th street. Someone brought was a bottle of PGA, and Pat Pace was drinking it straight. Several people were also having fun pouring the PGA into ash trays and such and lighting it on fire. At one point someone used the (plastic) cap from the PGA bottle to hold the fire, and the heat from the fire burned/melted a tiny hole in the cap. Everyone was too drunk to notice, so the cap was placed back on the bottle, and the bottle was for some reason placed in the refridgerator at the end of the party. Sideways in the fridge, that is, so that the PGA slowly leaked out through the hole in cap. The next day when Will opened the fridge and found PGA all over everything, his first thought was that the PGA was actually so powerful that it had melted the plastic just by being in contact with it. When the incident with the lighter was explained to him, I'm sure his disappointment in the potency of PGA was something similar to what I just experienced with regards to the potency of AdSense.