Monday, October 18, 2004

6975 AWK

6975 AWK, originally uploaded by jeff_robertson.

There are only 17,576 possible 3-letter acronyms, but millions of cars in the state of Georgia. This means that the chance of seeing a random TLA from the unix/hacker/internet culture on someone's license plate is pretty high.


even less than 17576 because of the exclusions they have to make for all the 3-letter versions of 4-letter words like what you'd put in for initials on your arcade high score (enumerated better though out of context here, excuse the bad words). also see this compilation, and this example which accidentally uses the 5=S rule. i've seen a lot of AWKs on 400 lately. at one time in Georgia the letters were tied to county, for example i knew that all the DNCs were from Cobb. maybe that is still true. if so once you spot a TLA in your local area you are likely to see it a lot. (scott)