Friday, August 06, 2004

music blogs

I somehow managed to miss the growth of music blogs until now. You know, the kind of blog that links to a different MP3 every day and reviews it.

Problem is, that just like every other kind of blog, there are so many that the only way to know which ones are worth reading is to see what my friends read, and their friends, etc.

If you're reading this at all, you're probably somebody whose tastes are at least a little similar to mine. So if you know of any music blogs that are consistently turning you on to stuff that you're glad you got the chance to hear, email me.

(Yes, I know that Blogspot supports comments now, and no I haven't turned them on. Firstly, it would require work on my templates that I'm too lazy to do. Secondly, I'm yet to be convinced that blog comments are a form of discussion that adds anything positive to the world. We have email, we have newsgroups, we have web-based forums, we have Slashdot which is in a category all it's own... why do we feel the need to post comments on every single one-man blog? (Of course the same argument could be used aginst the existence of blogs in general..))