Thursday, July 22, 2004

Atlanta Area Radio

No longer updated, but full of stuff that I plan to read. This is an example of the kind of info that is in here:
In fall 2003, Salem converted the failed "gospel WGKA" into an neocon talk station which now competes with AM 1340. After purchasing WGKA in 1997 for what was reported to be $2 million, bored cake frosting magnate Joe Weber proceeded to run the station into the ground with an unpredictable diversified format where rock, opera, classical, folk, jazz, and you name it, were played in what seemed to be random order. Now that the format was a flop, Weber sold WGKA to religious broadcaster Salem Communications for what was reported to be $8 million. The sale became final at the end of Feb. 2000. On April 4, the format became "gospel WGKA," with programming from the religious Salem Radio Network. Salem also owns WNIV and WLTA, which simulcast in Atlanta. Salem CEO Edward Atsinger, of the political steering committee known as the Council on National Policy, is said to have bankrolled Republican Party campaigns in California in the '90s, including over $528,000 in '98.
One does wonder, though, what the hell is going on when this page is located at yet it's list of local stations contains no mention of WREK.