Thursday, June 10, 2004

Obsession of the Day: retro videogame MP3s

On my commute to work this morning, something on the radio reminded me of Chet, which got me thinking about his ringtones discussion. Which in turn got me thinking about MIDI. Which reminded me of how I've lots of MIDI files which claim to recreate the music of classic videogames.

Which reminded me of how I have some cassette tapes made in the 80s of NES music, by plugging the headphone jack of the TV into the line-in of a tape recorder (complete with voices and other ambient sounds apparently picked up through the needle of the record player that was also attached at the time).

Which finally made me think: hey, the Internet is a geeky place! I bet lots of people have put up MP3s of the original music from old videogames. None of that re-programmed MIDI bs... the real deal!

I've only just begun to search for sites that have these things, but plan to see postings about them soon, until I get tired of it (probably by the end of the day).