Thursday, June 10, 2004

Doomworld -- Music

I have not downloaded any of the MP3s from this site, because I go into a queue that says "approximate wait time: 27 minutes" and I just don't have the patience for that.

The page is still interesting because it shows the actual song titles for the music that was used on each level of Doom, which are different from the names of the levels of the game. Also some comments written by Robert Prince, the composer. I've been told that the "Untitled" music for E3M1 is actually an uncredited cover of some metal song. Prince says something about metal covers, but doesn't say anything about this song in particular.

And, they have MIDIs, which is slightly more acceptable in the case of DOOM than for say, Castlevania, since DOOM's music was MIDI anyway. The filenames for the MIDIs appear to be the same as the internal resource names for them inside the DOOM IWAD file!

What I really want now are some MP3s that capture exactly what DOOMs music sounded like on an SB16, the first place I ever heard it. I think that DOOM actually had a built-in software synthesizer that was used for the MIDI when the game was played on low-end soundcards, because the hardware ones sounded so bad. I remember converting MIDI files from the to Internet into DOOM's internal format so that it would play them, and they sounded a lot better than they did through the SB16's built-in synth! Okay, maybe not "better" by most people's definition of the word, but at least they sounded like DOOM and that made them fun to listen to. I want some MP3s that sound like that!