Monday, May 24, 2004 Review of "A Mighty Wind"

Original post starts off as a review A Mighty Wind, turns into a great essay about the importance of Bob Dylan (duh, look what newsgroup it's in..) in music history, and the thread later goes on to include the lyrics of Barry McGuire's "Eve of Destruction".

With folk so whitewashed, Mr. Dylan led an exodus of the venturesome into
rock -- a move that goes unnoted in the movie. They carried with them
elements of traditional folk that have been a part of popular music ever
since: a devotion to authenticity (or an approximation thereof), an
inclination to leftist politics (or a vague liberalism), and, above all, a
faith in the folk ethic -- the notion that music is a democratic, amateur
art, a mode of vernacular expression available to anyone without formal
training. In the rock era, this idea has been the great leveler, the force
that drove punk, hip-hop and grunge and will likely spark whatever comes

As Francis Beckwith reminded me, today is Bob Dylan's birthday. (And also Victoria Day in Canada, the "24th of May" in Rush's Lakeside Park)