Thursday, March 11, 2004

Text of spam that I got today. All actual advertizing content was in images, where its hard to detect with text-scanning filters.

There were many examples of animals all around. Just tell me your answer, even if it sucks. We're going to regret this, my friend said. Don't do that, the cat pointed out.

It was cold and sweet. Love, and hate, are powerful emotions. But this was a long road, and should I walk down it, I might never come back. I'd seen many of the same things I've seen before.

But under the circumstances, I'd do it again. Suddenly, she wasn't there. (I'd seen something really weird. :) This was a place without the internet, without email, without the rush of business meetings and untapped desires.

That could well be the answer. And for ten minutes, he was a hero. We're going to regret this, my friend said. (I'd seen something really weird. :) I can never describe the walk back to my truck.
Where do they get this stuff?