Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Obsessive Compulsive: Calvin Pees

A photo gallery and general commentary on "peeing Calvin" window stickers.
Bill Watterson quit producing the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbes” at the height of it’s popularity. He was somewhat of a recluse when it came publicity and mass marketing. As a result, every Calvin and Hobbes t-shirt that you’ve ever seen has been a bootleg. The characters of Calvin and Hobbes have been co-opted by by popular culture to a degree that surpasses any other phenomenon, with the possible exception of the smiley face. Only time will tell if Watterson’s characters have as long of a shelf life as the smiley face. Calvin and Hobbes have been transformed from wholesome, Dennis-the-Menace type characters (with a better imagination) to frat boys drinking beer, smoking pot and most recently, peeing on every known auto manufacturer logo.
Also includes a brief discussion of Jesus Fish stickers, but that really deserves a treatment by someone who knows more about the history/meaning of the symbol and Christianity in general.

Fair warning: most of the hits you will get by searching for "peeing calvin" are not work-safe.

(see also: C.H.E.S.S. ( via gammatron))

This got me thinking: in what strips does the real Calvin come closest to looking like Peeing Calvin? Something about the the lower left panel of this strip looked familiar from pickup truck windows, I can't find a picture that of a sticker that matches it. Maybe the one seen on all those windows is actually the duplicate Calvin? (Man, this thing rocks!)